Domestication of Foreign Judgments

If you have a judgment from another another state,  we can make your judgment enforceable in Arizona. This is called  “domestication”  of a foreign judgment.   Once the judgment is domesticated in Arizona you can employ the full range of post-judgment remedies such as wage garnishment and execution.

To domesticate your judgment in Arizona you need an authenticated copy of the judgment.  You can get an authenticated copy of your judgment from the court which issued the judgment.  The court will charge you a fee for the authenticated judgment.  Be sure to get an  “authenticated”  copy of the judgment and not just a certified copy of the judgment.  An authenticated copy of the judgment will bear two seals.  The first seal will be made by a deputy clerk who certifies that the document is a copy of the judgment on file with the court.  The second seal and attestation is made another official,  often a judge of the court,  certifying that the clerk who certified the judgment is duly authorized to certify a judgment.

Our legal fees to domesticate a foreign judgment are $500.  As part of the domestication process you essentially file a new civil case with the court.  The clerk of court charges its regular civil filing fee for a civil lawsuit.  So,  the cost to domesticate your judgment depends on the Arizona County in which you file.  In Maricopa County,  Arizona,  the County in which Phoenix is located,  the current civil filing fee is $319.  Other Arizona counties have lower filing fees.  You must pay our fee,  plus the filing fees.  We can domesticate your judgment in all Arizona counties.

Frequently if a client from another state knows that a judgment debtor has moved to Arizona, the client has an address for the judgment debtor.   If this is not the case, you can’t begin the judgment collection process until you locate the judgment debtor in Arizona.  We offer skip tracing of judgment debtors as a first step towards collecting the judgment.  If we are able to locate the debtor, or if you already have an address for the debtor we can employ the full range of Arizona post-judgment remedies for you to collect the judgment.  After you domesticate your foreign state judgment  we can help you get your money.

How to Retain us to Domesticate Your Judgment in Arizona

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