Arizona Fair Housing Act

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 41, Chapter 9 Civil Rights

Fair Housing


Discrimination due to familial status

Exempt sales and rentals

Religious organization and private club exemption

Housing for older persons exempted; rules; liability; definition

Appraisal exemption

Effect on other law

Administration by attorney general



Reports; studies

Cooperation with other entities

Subpoenas; discovery

Referral to city or town

Discrimination in sale or rental

Publication of sales or rentals

Inspection of dwelling

Entry into neighborhood

Prohibition of intimidation

Discrimination due to disability; definitions

Residential real estate related transaction; definition

Brokerage services


Answer to complaint


Additional or substitute respondent


Temporary or preliminary relief

Investigative reports

Reasonable cause determination

Dismissal of complaint

Civil action

Court appointed attorney

Relief granted

Civil action by attorney general

Pattern or practice cases

Prevailing party; fees and costs

Superior court enforcement; local fair housing