Arizona Residential Landlord Toolbox

 Being a successful residential landlord in Arizona is a lot easier if you have the right legal tools. The Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act lays down a host of legal requirements for residential landlords. There are a number of legal prohibitions and a number of specific procedures landlords must follow to deal with tenant issues.

Our Landlord’s Toolbox is designed to give you the legal tools you need to comply with Arizona law.  The Toolbox includes our Short Course articles for Arizona landlords about areas of the law which can create problems for Arizona landlords.  Each article explains the subject in easy to understand terms,  plus each article comes with the legal forms needed to effectively address the issue with your tenant.

Landlord Tools

To order a Short Course click on the hyperlink below.  This will take you to our online store.  After check-out we will send you an email with a ZIP file attached.  The ZIP file will contain your Short Course and any related forms.  Note that the Superpack does not include the form Arizona Residential Lease.  That must be ordered separately.

$15 - Short Course on Arizona Tenant Abandonment law and related procedures. The law defines what constitutes legal abandonment and sets out a specific procedure to recover possession and a specific procedure to deal with the tenant’s abandoned property. Includes a notice of abandonment form and a notice of property seizure form. 

$15 - Short Course on Landlord Access to rental property and related procedures. The landlord/tenant act restricts a landlord’s ability to enter rented property and it sets out procedures for the different types of permissible access. This Short Course tells you what you need to know and includes three different notice forms to use with your tenants.

$15 - Short Course on Security Deposits law and related procedures. Tells you what types of deposits and fees you can use and explains the law on what you can and can’t do with deposits after termination of a tenancy. Comes with a notice of return of security deposit form and a form to use when your former tenant owes you more than the security deposit. 

$15 - Short Course on Arizona Partial Payment Law.  Arizona’s partial payment law is a trap for unwary Arizona landlords. If you accept a partial payment without a written partial payment agreement, you waive your right to the balance of rent and late fees. Plus, you can’t evict. This Short Course tells you what you need to know and comes with a partial payment agreement form and notice of rejection of partial payment form. 

$15 - Form Arizona Residential Lease. Our landlord-friendly residential lease form. Delivered as a Microsoft Word document, with explanations of provisions and instructions.  If you want a custom lease, see below. 

$75 - Landlord SuperpackOur Arizona Landlord Forms Super Pack contains the forms a landlord needs to comply with all the different notices required by the Arizona Residential Landlord Tenant Act. The Super Pack includes all the Short Course© articles and forms and these additional forms:

  • Move-in notice

  • Pool safety notice

  • Notice of change in law relating to rental property

  • Notice of sale of real property

  • Notice in change of rental tax

  • Five day notice for non-payment of rent

  • Ten day notice of material breach

  • Notice of immediate eviction

  • Thirty day notice of termination

  • Hold over notice

  • Tenant’s authorized agent in case of death form

Custom Arizona Residential Lease

The landlord’s most important tool is a good lease.  Not only should your lease give you the power to deal with critical issues that arise with tenants,  but it should protect you and your assets to the fullest extent possible under Arizona law.  Our lease does both.  It’s a “landlord friendly”  lease.  Many form leases available from other sources are balanced for the landlord and the tenant.  Ours is not.  It clearly favors the landlord.  The lease comes fully loaded with lease provisions that protect you and your property.

To engage us to draft a custom Arizona residential lease  follow this link.