Arizona Real Estate Lease

If you lease Arizona real estate,  you need a lease designed for Arizona law.  This is true for both residential landlords and commercial landlords.  Generic form leases you purchase off the web or purchase at a stationary store,  or leases acceptable in another state might cause you problems in Arizona.  Your lease should not only conform to Arizona law,  but it should give you the power to do what you want to do and protect both you and your property from potential risks.

Residential Leases

If you need an Arizona residential lease,  we offer you two different options.  For $15 you can purchase our form Arizona residential lease.  The lease is delivered to you as a Microsoft Word© document,  with instructions and comments.  You can then modify it as needed to use with your tenant.  The lease is copyrighted and you may not redistribute or share the lease.

We can also draft a custom Arizona residential lease for you for $250.  If you would like a custom residential lease designed specifically for your needs and your Arizona real property, follow this link to start the process.

Commercial Leases

We recommend commercial leases tailored to Arizona law and the particular property.  We can review an existing lease for you or design a custom lease for your property.  We do commercial lease work on an hourly billing basis.  If  you would like to discuss a potential engagement to review or draft a commercial lease follow this link or call Norm Keyt at 480.664.8466.

If you need a commercial property eviction click here.