Arizona Landlord Tenant Act

Arizona Revised Statutes Title 33, Chapter 3

Article 1



Obligations and Liabilities of Landlord

Posting of lien law and rates by innkeepers

Maintenance of fireproof safe by innkeeper for deposit of valuables by guests; limitations on liability of innkeeper for loss of property of guests

Discrimination by landlord or lessor against tenant with children prohibited; classification; exceptions

Obligations and Liabilities of Tenant

Maintenance of premises

Damage to premises; classification

Liability of person in possession of land for rent due thereon

Denial of landlord’s title by lessee in possession prohibited

Termination of Tenancies

Termination of tenancies

Effect of lessee holding over

Premises rendered untenantable without fault of lessee; nonliability of tenant for rent; right to quit premises

Remedies of Landlord

Violation of lease by tenant; right of landlord to reenter; summary action for recovery of premises; appeal; lien for unpaid rent; enforcement

Landlord’s lien for rent

Applicability of Chapter



Article 5



General Provisions

Short title


Supplementary principles of law applicable

Applicability of chapter

Administration of remedies; enforcement

Settlement of disputed claim or right

Territorial application

Exclusions from application of chapter

Jurisdiction and service of process

General definitions

Obligation of good faith



Terms and conditions of rental agreement

Utility charges; submetering; ratio utility billing; allocation; water system exemption

Prohibited provisions in rental agreements

Separation of rents and obligations to maintain property forbidden

Discrimination by landlord or lessor against tenant with children prohibited; classification; exceptions; civil remedy; applicability

Landlord Obligations

Security deposits

Disclosure and tender of written rental agreement

Landlord to supply possession of dwelling unit

Landlord to maintain fit premises

Limitation of liability

Regulation of rents; authority

Tenant Obligations

Tenant to maintain dwelling unit

Rules and regulations


Tenant to use and occupy as a dwelling unit


Noncompliance by the landlord

Failure to deliver possession

Self‑help for minor defects

Wrongful failure to supply heat, air conditioning, cooling, water, hot water or essential services

Landlord’s noncompliance as defense to action for possession or rent; definition

Fire or casualty damage

Tenant’s remedies for landlord’s unlawful ouster, exclusion or diminution of services

Noncompliance with rental agreement by tenant; failure to pay rent; utility discontinuation; liability for guests; definition

Failure to maintain

Abandonment; notice; remedies; personal property; definition

Acceptance of partial payments

Landlord liens; distraint for rent

Remedy after termination

Recovery of possession limited

Periodic tenancy; hold‑over remedies

Landlord and tenant remedies for abuse of access

Special detainer actions; service; trial postponement